TED elige sus mejores videos…

TED chooses their best videos on web …

Continuing with our TED´s proposal of Wednesdays, I want to show all of you that TED has reached one billion of views of their videos, for this reason TED  invite  people to vote for which  video  caused most impact on each of us .

Siguiendo con nuestra propuesta TED de los miércoles, quería mostraros que TED ha llegado a mil millones de visitas de sus videos y por eso quiere realizar la votación sobre cuál parece ser el video de mayor impacto para cada uno de nosotros.

Yo por mi parte he entrado a ver los top ten “We just released playlists on TED.com“, y voto por el video de Ken Robinson: “La escuela mata la creatividad”.

Aquí está el texto completo que envía TED para participar en esta votación

We’re writing to share some exciting news: As of today, Tuesday November 13th, TED Talks have been watched one billion times worldwide.
We love what this says about the state of global curiosity: Across all races, nations, income levels, genders and professions, there’s a widespread thirst for knowledge. Who would have predicted that 18-minute “taped lectures” would reach a billion views? But the proof is there.
We’re also so grateful for your help in reaching this milestone. As a TEDx organizer, you’ve done so much to build momentum — finding speakers with powerful ideas, convening your local community, building awareness of TED Talks and helping to shape TED’s mission going forward. We truly couldn’t have done this without you.
We see the billion-view milestone as an opportunity to celebrate YOU: the innovative, involved, informed community that got us here. And we’d love it if you’d celebrate with us tomorrow:

- Share the talk or idea that had the most impact on you. Has a TED Talk ever changed your life? Have you seen a TED Talk impact a community or individual? Is there one TED Talk everyone should watch? Hashtag: #TEDBillion

- Share a playlist of your favorite talks — your “TopTED” as we like to call it. We just released playlists on TED.com, and we’d love to know YOUR TopTED. Which talks have influenced you and why? Hashtag: #TopTED

- Celebrate in your own way and let us know. We will have extended blog coverage for the next week, and would love to include details from our global community. Let us know how you’re celebrating, or just tell us your answers to the suggestions above. Email: billion@TED.com

We’re in awe of what this community has achieved, and we’re excited by what we’re building together. Looking forward to the second billion!
Our very best,
Chris Anderson, TED Curator
Lara Stein, TEDx Director
June Cohen, Executive Producer, TED Media